The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Monday, 4 June 2007


In 1998 a left-wing rock group called the Manic Street Preachers released an album containing a song called S.Y.M.M. This stood for South Yorkshire Mass Murderers and its aim was to lay blame on the South Yorkshire Police for the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster in Sheffield.

Of course it would be silly to seriously suggest that this communist group would ever release a follow-up song initialled W.Y.M.M. standing for West Yorkshire Mass Murderers. It was that police force which should have been trailing the 7/7 bombers when they were instead trawling through hours of BBC footage trying to convict Nick Griffin. They prioritised the Griffin case despite what we now know - that the terrorists, sorry Islamic terrorists (we don’t work for the BBC so no need to cover up), had been reported to the West Yorks Police prior to the 7/7 attacks. In addition, claims Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, if the security services didn’t have the resources to monitor the suspects the local police should have performed the job themselves.

However, it doesn’t matter now because 52 people murdered by a terrorist plot hatched in West Yorkshire can’t be brought back to life and Nick Griffin is still roaming free having said such awful things about West Yorkshire-based terrorists plotting to murder innocent people. The truth really is stranger than fiction


denisadams50 said...

Having first hand experience of the inadequecies of the police force....oops sorry service,the police are no longer an independant body but merely a tool of the government of the day,it is well known that the police are biased in the way that they deal with sympathisers of the BNP and muslim extremists.Thier lack of zeal when targeting the latter is well known to myself,and the zeal they show when targeting a legal political party such as ourselves should maybe be reversed.

Birmingham Patriot said...

Hi folks, just to let you know that this blog is now defunct and has been superceded by Birmingham Patriot ...

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