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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ISLAMIC BIRMINGHAM: A land unfit for heroes?

The Islamification of Britain’s second city continues at a relentless pace, largely and predictably swept under the carpet by the mass media, the police and the politicians. Two incidents have come to light over the last few days that reveal the increasing aggression with which this movement is taking control of our city. Today we report on one incident which demonstrates just how far the Islamification of Birmingham has progressed and the arrogance and confidence elements of this community have developed as a result our politicians failure to effectively confront radical Islam.

On Monday (11th June) the Birmingham Post printed a story which first appeared in the Mail on Sunday. You may recall an incident from last year in which a wounded British soldier was confronted by an angry Muslim man while being treated in Selly Oak hospital – well it has happened again. On this occasion the victim was the Army’s welfare officer who had been conducting one of his regular visits to injured troops when he was surrounded by three young Muslim women. Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell was forced to endure tirades of abuse from the women who were apparently angry about British military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite why CSM Powell was deemed a reasonable target by these aggressive and irrational individuals is beyond comprehension – CSM Powell and his colleagues do not commit themselves to war, they merely follow orders.

Colleagues of CSM Powell have used the fresh publicity to call for more secure accommodation for wounded troops, but the response from the local Labour MP (Lynne Jones) has been contemptuous. She was reported as saying:

“The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom. The point of basing the Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak was to make the most of the range of experience here. The priority should always be the standard of clinical care. When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with staff."

This is a treacherous attitude to take towards soldiers her own government has sent off to fight in distant lands. Furthermore, has she not taken seriously the threat to British soldiers in this city, particularly given the recent well publicised plot to abduct, torture and kill a member of our armed forces right here in Brum.

The latest incident at Selly Oak hospital took place on 10th May and has only now seen light of day – how many more times has this happened and how long will it be before one of these ‘verbal attacks’ become physical? Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves knowing that injured soldiers are no longer safe from the enemy even while lying wounded in their own home towns. Our lads should be put in their own wing where their safety can be guaranteed. Or better yet in their own dedicated hospitals with military staff trained in and used to dealing with combat injuries, just like they used to have before Lynne Jones’ Party closed them all a couple of years ago.


David Hamilton said...

lynne Jones is disgusting. When I had aproblem with Kings Heath job centre she was not interested. She is a typical run of the mill academic. When you think that until 1974 the m.p. for Selly Oak was Birmingham businessman Harold Gurden who campaigned against immigration, it could make you weep that local people voted him out.

denisadams50 said...

Yet another case of muslims dictating the odds backed up by thier slavering politico supporters in power,and another example of the double standards metered out to our brave service personel at home and abroad.Does anyone elses blood boil at this situation.Lets get into power and hang the bloody lot of these so called british politicians.......give me the go ahead....i will provide the rope lol.

Anonymous said...

A voice of reason in the darkness. Well done to you all you make me proud to be English.

whiteandred said...

Lynne Jones is a traitor to all British fighting men, and so should be treated as such. Good riddance