The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


‘Slum House’ is a six-minute documentary produced by East Birmingham BNP that exposes the depths to which our people are mistreated in their own country by their own councils. The story began when local activists took up the case of Charlene, a white girl housed in Bordesley Green who was enduring a lengthy hate campaign by local Muslims who clearly didn’t want her living in ‘their’ area. Thanks to the hard work undertaken by the BNP she was moved into a predominantly white area late last year. However, despite having escaped the abuse she suffered in occupied Brum, the living conditions in the Poolway flats at Stechford were worse. It was these five decrepit tower blocks that featured in the shocking six-minute documentary produced by the BNP.

Slum House will be uploaded to YouTube shortly, but as you can see from the stills here it is not a pretty sight for the residents, many of whom have young children. They have to contend with faeces, urine and syringes in the walkways and lifts, severe damp in every room, critically unsafe landings and repairs that are never seen to. Residents have even been without running water for 24-hour periods – would this happen to those ‘guests’ in our country who can be found in double-glazed fully furnished accommodation elsewhere in Brum?

The reaction of Cllr Neil Eustace (Lib-Dem) was to accuse the BNP of attempting to make political gain out of the issue in time for the local elections. However, the elections have come and gone and the same BNP activists were at the latest Stechford & Yardley committee meeting to follow the progress made (or lack of it) on behalf of the residents. Cllr Eustace told residents at this meeting that the City Council cabinet will make a decision on the future of the flats in June. Let’s just hope that they are demolished sooner rather than later and those afflicted by the appalling third world conditions can be moved to surroundings less reminiscent of Iraq. This is not Baghdad, this is Birmingham in the 21st century and these poor white folk have to pay council tax like everyone else – give them a home they deserve.


Anti-gag said...

The new Birmingham blogs looking really good.
This I think is the way forward, local blogs covering local issues. National, and regional, issues should be left for the official National web site to cover.

All the very best of luck to Birmingham BNP.

Chris Hill

Sid Williamson said...

Good stuff

Jonesy said...

Great stuff - I look forward to seeing Slum House

David Hamilton said...

The council have a legal health and safety responsibility. Get advice from the Local Government Ombudsman and pursue this as the local branch on behalf of the local residents. That is protecting local people and taking responsibility. They will soon join in and regain their self respect.

Rob said...

There's been a development in this case as of Monday - the city council have announced that the flats will be demolished and residents rehoused. This is only a partial victory as there is currently no timetable so the residents will still be in squlaor. Your points have been noted David

denisadams50 said...

On this issue the same as every other issue,councillor Eustage will live up to his nickname....[USELESS]
Denis Adams organiser.

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