The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Monday, 11 June 2007

The Decline of the Left: Part One

It’s as recent as ten years ago that the BNP would routinely be overwhelmed by left-wing hot-heads whenever we dared to take our campaign out onto the streets. How times have changed. As a result of the consistent failures of the Lib-Lab-Con to accurately represent the people, it is clear that door-to-door canvassing is now more troublesome for them and their antifa helpers as opposed to our own activists. It is very difficult to even get a door slammed in your face if you are canvassing for the BNP these days.

What’s more, the demise of the so-called ‘socialist’ parties has coincided with the dramatic decline of anti-BNP groups such as ‘Unite Against Fascism’ and the ‘Anti-Nazi League’. The ‘Respect’ party only exists as a political force because it has made a rather bizarre coalition with fifth-columnists. That party will also crumble in time as its new-found supporters grow ever more intolerant of its support for gender equality and homosexual rights.

Despite a grim outlook for the red menace, we in Brum did have the dubious honour of watching them in action recently. In the run-up to polling day on May 3rd they stuck their noses in Shard End ward after being called in to help the ailing Labour campaign. Despite heavily promoting a mass day of action to take place in the area on Sunday 4th March, just nine of them bothered to show. The body language of the two sorry activists in this photo reveals their utter dejection …

… and just to add insult to injury two BNP members marched confidently up to the front door of their base and took this photo right in front of them!

They went out leafleting at least twice more in Shard End during the campaign and we did come across some Searchlight glossies at one stage, but as usual such material appears to have been either ignored, laughed at or returned to them immediately. At least one member of the public told how he confronted them in the street and didn’t exactly find a constructive argument in return.

In addition to their pathetic Birmingham visitations, a video produced by renowned anti-BNPer Adrian Goldberg again shows how miniscule, lacklustre and unpopular the far-left have become. The film covers the Sandwell leg of Searchlight’s ‘Hope Not Hate’ tour and opens with an introduction from the current holder of the Pie-Eating Parliamentarian of the Year title – Labour MP Tom Watson. Now compare his performance with that of the other speaker, the committed multi-culturalist and resident of mono-cultural Devon - Billy Bragg. It’s easy to tell who the politician is! Watson says there were 170-odd people queuing up to spread the anti-BNP message, yet there are no more than seven people on that bus!A brief shot of TWO activists is followed by Billy’s drawn face and he has obviously suffered a humiliating day on the campaign trail. He was apparently jeered by members of the public in Great Bridge and shows his ignorance of the Black Country by merely dismissing them as BNP members. As you would expect, the campaign received little if any support on its visit and Bragg clearly has nothing to be remotely happy about. The days of the left are fading fast – follow this link, watch Goldberg’s video and laugh!

Warning: This clip contains disturbing images of Billy Bragg and gratuitous scenes of far left opinion and is therefore unsuitable for people of easily annoyed disposition.


The Green Arrow said...

A very nice site Birmingham and I really liked your introduction.

Good Luck

British National Party member said...

Yes, ive just linked to you too, You've got a good site here.


P.s a large part of your post has been accidentally repeated in the middle of your Monday 11th June post.

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

Can I borrow your top post about the servicemen being treated like second class citizens? God it shows how out of touch the MP's are with the servicemen that they don’t understand the need to be with comrades when injured.

Also when will the Leftist Marxist’s wake up to the fact we are not Racist or Fascist, just worried about losing our country. If they can’t see this they must hate Britain. Saying that we came a cross a socialist in Aberdeen who said all servicemen were dumb, and that he supported the Iraqis. He had a strong scouse accent and had the nerve to ask why I was leafleting in his area. I then asked him what good have you done for our country after receiving abuse from him pointing out I had also served the Army for 11 years, His reply your just as f--king dumb as the rest of the B—stards.

Nice to know what the Marxist’s think of our brave servicemen and woman, and the sacrifice made for our freedom in the past. I doubt the same opinion of our services will be held by the Falkland locals. Imagine if the Marxists had been in charge in 1982.

Rob said...

I wrote most of that article and I'm sure Spence won't mind you borrowing it so feel free to use it Aberdeen.

denisadams50 said...

Well Braggs not got much to brag about it seems,HOPE they know we HATE them,well done to the east B,ham sympathiser for providing our party with the relevant info on the Mirror groups wet squib [the Hope not Hate campaign]scheduled for last mays local elections.Any more sympathisers for the BNP out there with information usefull in our campaigns please contact us

Rob said...

We don't hate the left - look at all the encounters we've had with them in recent years, they evoke nothing but pity and laughter in us. It is they who hate us, look into their eyes next time they assemble against us.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a load of bullshit!!!