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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Two more local soliders die in Blair's wars

TWO LOCAL SOLDIERS KILLED IN A SINGLE WEEK Sadly we have recently lost two local soldiers to the phoney ‘war on terror’. On Monday 21 May fighters attacked a British convoy in central Basra killing Cpl Jeremy Brookes, a 28-year-old from Birmingham. Five days later, near the Afghan town of Garmsir, British troops were engaging Taliban fighters when Guardsman Daniel Probyn was fatally wounded. The 22-year-old was from Tipton in the Black Country. Both men were hailed heroes as they died selflessly to protect the lives of their colleagues. Cpl Brookes went down fighting as he ordered his men back inside the armoured vehicle and covered them as they went. Just before the explosion that took Guardsman Probyn’s life he warned troops of the danger that lay ahead and moved them away from his position. These sacrifices will not be forgotten, nor will the betrayal of the treacherous politicians who sent them to faraway lands to die in conflicts that serve no British interest.

The BNP is the only party to have opposed the war in Iraq for the right reasons. David Cameron can bleat all he likes, but when it came to it he voted in favour of aggression and to this day he and his colleagues remain in favour, as does the incoming Prime Minister. The British death toll in Iraq currently stands at 149 with a further 57 troops killed in Afghanistan. Blood is well and truly on the hands of Blair, Brown, Cameron and co.


Anonymous said...

I am ex Army and have seen a couple of good lads that served with me get killed in Iraq, I know that these brave lads and Lassie's are willing to put themselves at risk if they thought it will save the life of one person, or child, but its not killings, bombings still go on with a population hell bent on killing each other, and carrying out barbaric stonings and beheadings for very minor crimes. Its a barbaric medieval country that our troops should be withdrawn from.

Aberdeen WED

Blog Editor said...

Thanks for the comments Aberdeen WED. We have one member who has served with the RAF in Iraq and I myself worked as a contractor driving trucks on US Army resupply convoys across Iraq a couple of years ago. Once you have seen for yourself the results of religious/ethnic division in a country like that it gives a whole new perspective on the potential dangers with which multi cultural societies are faced. When compared with debatable economic advantages the potential for misery for all parties on a grand scale seems unequal, to say the least. Ironic isn't it that it is theoretically possible that the Iraqis who launched IED attacks on my convoys, mortared bases at which I were staying and fired AK 47s at my truck could have been happily claiming benefits in the UK before I even finished my stay in the Middle East. The insanity of our political elites is unlimited it would seem.

najistani said...
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denisadams50 said...

Another two young lives lost in this so called fight for democracy the politicians who send these young service personel to thier deaths will be brought to book when the BNP finally get into power......There will be justice and there will be no hiding place for treacherous politicians,retired or not.
Denis Adams organiser.

Birmingham Patriot said...

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