The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Last month we carried a story on the disgusting condition in five Stechford tower blocks which Birmingham City Council (BCC) had allowed to deteriorate through their appalling mismanagement and negligence. Several hundred residents in the Poolway flats have been faced with health and safety problems that could threaten life and limb as a result of this failure on the part of BCC. This has been especially worrying given the scores young families and elderly people who are forced to live there and who are particularly vulnerable to the risks generated by the conditions in the flats.

This situation did not arise overnight, it is the result of decades of incompetence and the Councils policy of prioritisation none indigenous communities for council allocated resources over indigenous Brits. However suddenly, after years of indifference, the City Council has sprung into ‘action’. They agreed to undertake what the residents had been demanding for years - the demolition of all five blocks and the re-housing of the council tenants in accommodation fit for human habitation. Although, obviously this being Birmingham City Council no firm commitments as to a time scale have been revealed as yet.

Local BNP activists were instrumental in the residents’ campaign, establishing a residents’ group, initially involving them in public ward meetings and later advising them on tactics, as well as designing and producing the leaflets to promote their cause. In addition we also produced a short film documenting the appalling situation in the flats to bring the issue to wider public attention. ‘Slum House’ can be viewed via this blog or at GoogleVideo (sidebar).

The advent of elections interfered to some extent with the BNP’s involvement in the Poolway campaign in May, but such community work is something that we endeavour to do more of in future. The BNP is more than just a political party, we aim is to be active within the community helping to improve the quality of life for our people who have been increasingly sidelined and discriminated against over the years. We are actively encouraging people to work with us to such an end and want YOU to get in touch if you know of any issues with which we might be of some assistance. (See "Contact Us" panel on the right)

Our greatest weapon, as in this case, is the electrifying effect the magic letters “B.N.P.” have on councillors and the council itself. No sooner are we on the scene than money suddenly becomes available. Following the election of a BNP councillor in the Chelmsley Wood ward in Solihull last year a multi-million pound redevelopment plan was unveiled for the town centre. In Barking and Dagenham the election of twelve BNP councillors produced a frenzy of government initiatives backed with untold amounts of cash. This is part of a tactic the “old gang” politicians have developed to try and halt the progress of the BNP. In the event of the BNP intervening in a local issue the establishment will stop at nothing to rectify the problem and thus deny the BNP any electoral advantage. This suits us fine as we are able to use this to improve the lot of the people we seek to represent and champion. Ironically the “old gangs” terror of the BNP gives us more power than we could hope to wield in the Council House with a handful of councillors and we have used, and will continue to use, this to get our people their fare share of the Councils’ resources. Which after all are derived from the taxes paid by those same indigenous British people Birmingham City Council have ignored and neglected for decades.


Al said...

well done to all the team for the film on " slum house" well done pat.c. i had great memories of playing round the poolway flats as a kid and cant believe what it has come to.Those were the days when you could go home in the dark dirty,hungry and not have to worry about strange people hanging about.

Birmingham Patriot said...

Hi folks, just to let you know that this blog is now defunct and has been superceded by Birmingham Patriot ...

See you there

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